The Torch | We Defy The Norm
The Torch | We Defy The Norm

The Torch | We Defy The Norm

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Dan T.

This one has to be my favorite peice of WDTN art so far. Keep them comping Cody!

Austin S.
'Passion Is The Torch That Lights The Way' T-shirt

Cody, as always, the message you and WDTN brings through not only your clothing line, but also your personal accord makes me strive to be better each day. This shirt hit home for me in so many ways, and rekindled my original days before service to seeing that the love and passion you have for something truly is an incredible feeling and experience we often neglect when doing the daily grind. Love you, your work, your products and wishing you and yours the best from a continued follower and buyer! Also, for anyone wondering, these shirts, to include this one, are some of the best fitting and comfortable ones I own!

Liz Mazonowicz
My favorite!!!

It’s more than just a shirt, though it is the softest tee I’ve ever owned and the proportion are perfect for me, I wear it to get myself motivated to do the things that scare me most but will help me grow into who I ultimately really want to be. Thank you for sharing your passion and vision.

Grant Figland

Amazing shirt

Ryan Clark
The Torch tee

Very comfortable fit with designs that have meaning. Cant wait for new designs. Waiting for that new stock of “Live It Up Daily” shirts💯

I've lived a passionless life.  Wondering what my next move was as I was navigating life within the realm of scarcity.  Afraid to accept my calling.  

My burning passion inside is to do what I know I'm called upon to do.

Passion is the torch that lights the way in the darkest of days.  Passion is the unwavering pursuit of what we are all seeking. Our true authentic selves.  

Maybe this can be a reminder to carry your torch with pride, honor and commitment.  This is how we shine.  

This is how we lead the way.