Moving On From The Military..

Moving On From The Military..

After serving for over 15.5 years as a Marine special operator, walking away wasn’t easy.

After serving for over 15.5 years as a Marine special operator, walking away wasn’t easy. I had no idea where my life would go after.

I wanted to be gone. I was at my end.

My views on life changed and I started to finally see myself.

After years of self sabotage and suppression of my emotions and mental health, I chose me for once.

I had no clue what I wanted to do when I got out.

Lost didn’t classify my situation because I didn’t even know what map I was operating on.

My life as I knew it was crumbling❗️

My future was unseeable❗️

My path was undefined❗️

Yet here I am.

Self employed. Growing business. Heart pumping with love and gratitude and all my fears and worries of the past are simply tumble weeds of time. Found my true passion for helping others.

Changing things up in your life can be extremely challenging.

Here’s some things I’ve learned⬇️

1️⃣ Don’t put so much pressure on figuring it all out at once.

2️⃣ Make time for your well being/ mental health. Without you, nothing exist.

3️⃣ Don’t be afraid of failure. You increase your chances of success by 50% for just starting it.

4️⃣ Reinvent yourself as many times as you want. It’s not an identity crisis, it’s an evolving process.

5️⃣ Opportunities exist for those brave enough to rise. Free people liberate themselves because they know no one is coming to do it for them.

If this helped you share it with someone you think it can help too.

There’s enough for us all to win. We just have to believe it and put in the work.


If you want to learn more about my decision in moving on from the military, check out this short video on my Youtube

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