This Isn't Your Yesterday

This Isn't Your Yesterday

This isn’t your yesterday.

Who cares you didn’t get all you wanted done.

Who cares you got pissed.

This is today mofo. This is the day to make change not stay trapped.

I used to get held up on not being my best the day prior, which would turn into self doubt and frustration the following day.

When I remove myself from a pass or fail scarcity mindset and:

1: Change my vibration (exercise)
2. Set prioritized; realistic goals
3. Forgive myself for being self toxic
4. And above all, COMMIT to action

My entire outlook changes.

No body wants to do hard shit, especially if you have just been stacking failures.

Don’t forget your WHY, your CORE VALUES, your PRIORITIES and most importantly ACTION.

This is a journey to become YOUR BEST SELF and nothing else.

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