My name is Cody Alford, and I'm a retired USMC Special Operations Marine turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker. 

From serving as a Marine special operator for over 15 years to selling all our belongings and moving into a conversion van traveling around the United States, to owning a homestead has been quite the journey thus far.

I knew I wanted more in life than what was comfortable and known to me. After retiring early from the Marines due to a series of cognitive issues that seemed to stack on one another, I was beyond lost. This new experience of inexperienced freedom was uncharted waters for me. 

No timelines to meet, no deployments to prepare for, or men and women to lead in combat left me questioning what was next.  

My mental health was deteriorating, and I slipped into the abyss of my self-victimizing and self-sabotaging ways. My smiles on the outside did no justice to the pain I was feeling within. Crippling anxiety and depression enslaved my mind. Finally, tired of my own BS, I took my pain and suffering to the internet and began sharing my journey to become the best version of myself. I debuted on YouTube, which, if you think Instagram and Facebook can have rude and belittling keyboard commandos, YouTube is a whole new level.

The more I shared my feelings about what I was going through and the actions I was taking to invest in myself; the more shit-talking would come in from others. I was being as raw and real as possible with the digital world, yet I couldn't understand why I would get so much hate for trying to help others with my own story.  

I would come to realize along my journey that I was focusing on the negative because I lacked the self-empowerment to control my emotions and not allow others to determine my worth. From being a high-level senior leader in the special operations community to being a titleless being in this world, figuring out who and what I am, didnt come with a road map. My mission was to pave one and share it with others who can relate.

One moonlit night in Utah, I found myself bundled up with my journal in hand as I rocketed through the depths of my soul and the universe at large. This was my first psilocybin journey that started it all. On this trip, it became crystal clear what I must start. I wasn't sure where this would lead me, but the unknown is the blessing in every journey. So on this night, I came up with We Defy the Norm .

I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew I had a message to share and a path to pave for those who are not able to share my same experiences. This moment was when my superpower became clear to me. This was the night that changed everything about me. This was the night my journey to serve began.


After a few years in the van, led us to rent warehouse space from a close friend and fellow business owner, who mentored me in making this vision come to life. My message is simple, to encourage others through my actions to defy conformity and invest in themselves.

The best part of us is just past our fear of the unknown. The unknown is where the transformations happen. We must be willing to go all in on life or miss out on the greatest gift known to man, Life. Don't sleep on this opportunity. From the darkest of the dark, I have risen to new ways I didn't even know were possible. I embraced the unknown and accepted the only way forward is forward.  

These designs resemble the overcoming of adversity, self and facing the unkown head on. This path is a daily endeavor. In life we arent owed anything and death is the only things thats guareteed.  Until you embrace this truth and step through the unknown gates, we will always be slaves to "what if" and "what could be."  


If you're going through hard times or looking for ways to better yourself and become a lighthouse for those around you, know this: nothing worth anything comes easy. Remain raw and real with yourself on the path you walk for today is all that exists, and time runs out for us all. So quiet the noise from others and in your mind, and keep moving forward. Remember, you increase your chances for success by 50% for just starting.  

Welcome the unknown with open arms and make death work for your life.