Face Your Inner Self

Face Your Inner Self

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Dude I want to be like you one day”
Don’t hold your breath with excitement.
I’ve been buried alive inside my own body.
Shut off from the outside world with crippling depression.
Self destructive to myself and those around me.
Hurtful in ways that stain souls.
I was living my life unconsciously for many years until I broke free.
Free from my excuses.
Free from my old ways.
Free from things that no longer serve me.
The main difference in my life now awareness and love.
I had to seek out what I was missing.
I had to become involved in life to evolve.
Im far from perfect and I love it. It’s what makes me, me.
Your darkness, your battles, and the resurrection you’re capable of embodying is what makes you, you.
Face your bullshit so you can shine for others to see.
That might just be all they need to free themselves as well.

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