What is a Life?

What is a Life?

What is a Life?
To me, it’s the seconds I fall more in love with day by day.
I used to be such a shame to myself.
Now, I work to be Better than yesterday in the simplest way I can possibly be.
Trust me, it’s not easy. But nothing worth a shit is..
Full day on the new property surrounded by nature and my soul feels it.
@eclecticlayne with 8wks left before baby 🐺 arrives and she’s non stop. From sanding all day to prepping our annual tie dye release.
My Jack of all trades brother/teacher Ken helping process some wood with me and my homie @k9s_and_cannabis.
I told you I would do this and hear I am. I’m so pumped for what’s to come.
Thank you all for all the support and love. I’ve poured my soul out on here to show others the way and I’m not stopping.
I’m fucking grateful of each and everyone one of you. Wether you vibe with me or not, I appreciate you so much.
Life: I’m here for it

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