Not another stupid shirt..

Not another stupid shirt..

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Not another stupid shirt.

I learned a long time ago I don’t sell shirts, I sell a message.

People must BUY into the things they believe in or they’re don’t truly believe.

We talk a lot.

We pander a lot.

We drift a lot.

We do a lot of shit that honestly is so stupid but we allow it to disrupt our potential.

I never met a dude or chick on the battlefield that lacked BUY in for the mission.

They had to be all in because in a game like that, shit will cost you your life if you’re lacking.

Civilian life is no different and it’s the most constant war fighting I have been in to date.

Excuses of why we can’t are the IEDs or improvised explosive devices of the modern warrior.

To rise above such obstacles you must BUY into the fact that you are at war and must remain vigilant no matter your feelings, situation or surroundings.

Excuses do more than hold us back, they keep us from knowing.

Just how far can we go in this life if we knew we couldn’t fail.

Keep going, im proud of you.

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