Writing Your Own Story..

Writing Your Own Story..

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Why is life so hard?
A question I asked myself when I stopped living in a trance and started to awaken to life’s potential.

Im grateful for life being this hard.

If it was easy there would be no point.

I love looking back to see how it all started and where it’s at today.

Your life is no different, unless you are a clone and skipped birth.

We have a beginning, a present an end and that should be all the “figure it out” we need.

I’ve overcomplicated my life way too much and once I just started showing up as the authentic me, doing, creating, offering and serving how I want to, it all just got better for me.

What’s better for me you ask?

Oh you know, not trying to figure it out, having faith in God, showing up when I feel I’m defeated on the inside and not giving up on myself.

Internet is full of alot of perfection and status and that’s fine, but for me it’s a digital story.

How are you writing and creating yours?

Oh yeah, just keep going and pursing that thing that keeps you awake. It might not make sense today or 5 years from now but if you stick with it that’s when the magic happens.

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