What's Your Why?

What's Your Why?

If what you’re doing right NOW isn’t to get you to your next objective in life, then why are you investing time into it?
People think money is the ultimate form of currency, I say it’s our time.
Our time is the most valuable thing we possess, yet most just squander it away, blinded by the power of the dollar.
Set goals, make plans, have a reason or end state for your “why”.
I personally set out on a mission to buy land, create a homestead and begin the next phase of my life.
For those still reading, 3 yrs ago I set out to create this reality that I’m living today.
Your WHY must be clear.
What’s your why?
If you don’t have one right now that’s okay, just know that money or some form of currency will always be around, you and I will not.

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